Penny came to us severely underweight with internal and external parasites.  She had also lost the use of her right leg due to a bacterial infection that permanently damaged her joint tissue.

We took Penny to the vet for diagnosis and she was immediately put on oral antibiotic and pain medications each twice a day, and we began treatment for internal and external parasites. It didn't take long for Penny to start feeling better and she was up to normal weight within a couple months.

Because she is unable to use her right leg to walk normally she is considered a special needs chicken and requires special flock mates.

the chicken rescue

success stories

Forrest (Sept 2016)

This sweet White Leghorn rooster was found wandering the streets of Glencoe, IL by Animal Control.  The animal control office, Katie, was able to catch him and get him to safety.  Forrest was underweight and infested with feather lice and internal parasites. After just a few days of TLC, Forrest not only feeling better, but was looking absolutely fabulous!

Ten Hens in Galva, IL

Fall 2015, it become known to us that a farmer in Galva City was planning to sell spent hens "for soup". Their egg production had fallen off in recent moths, so he no longer had use for them. We jumped into action to save the hens! Through various Facebook sites, such as Vegans with Chickens and Pet Chickens, we were able to locate forever, loving homes for six of the ladies. Four of them have continued to reside here with us at the sanctuary. 

These hens all suffered from upper respiratory infections, feather lice and scaly leg mites.