This handsome gentleman is Forrest. He was dumped in a forest preserve in Glencoe, IL and was found wondering by an animal control officer. Luckily she was able to catch him and get him to safety. Thank you, Katie!

This is happy ending to another tragic story. Many roosters are dumped during late summer when they begin to crow and people realize they are not hens. For every hen there is a rooster that is discarded. When people purchase pullets the males have either already been killed at the hatchery or used as packing material when live chicks are shipped. Most of the roosters that are dumped aren't as lucky as Forest. Most never make it through the first night alone because they fall prey to predators. The only answer to this problem is to stop eating eggs, please.


Chicken rescue comes in many forms, from physically catching a rooster who was dumped by an uncaring human to taking in an owner surrender that needs medical attention due to injury or neglect. At The Chicken Rescue we are prepared to do whatever it takes to get chickens into a safe and healthy environment.

Chickens are usually surrendered to us because their "owner" can not afford veterinary care.  Medical bills for new rescues are costly and start around $100 for an initial visit and diagnosis.  If you would like to help please consider making a donation.  Your financial support enables us to continue our work and provide the care that these chickens deserve.  

Forrest is a white leghorn cockerel that had been abandoned in a forest preserve in Glencoe, IL.

Three Easter Egger cockerels dumped in the woods in Gridley, IL