Joe was surrendered by his previous owner when she realized she could no longer care for him properly.  Joe loves to show off for the ladies (hens and humans) and does not miss an opportunity to do his special dance.  He is very friendly and sociable and enjoys human visitors.

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Wesley came to us as a chick. Her previous owner had no interest in keeping her because she hatched with an extra toe and "wouldn't fit into their breeding program".  Wesley is a sassy girl and she is always chatting away.

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Andi had been living in a large flock of chickens that were rehomed.  The woman receiving the flock did not want to take Andi because she was not able to walk due to a swollen foot so we took her in and will provide the medical care she needs.

We are working with a wonderful avian veterinarian to determine why Andi's foot is so swollen and what we need to do to help her.  She is scheduled to undergo a biopsy of the mass on her foot.  Once we receive the results we will proceed with the necessary treatment.

Andi is a very patient girl with a big heart who loves strawberries and watermelon. 

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​Red was surrendered to us after she no longer laid enough eggs to serve a purpose.  She is now about 4 years old and her reproductive system has begun to shut down leading to what is called Egg Yolk Peritonitis.  Red is being treated with a birth control implant that she will need to have replaced every 4-6 months.  This implant will keep her body from producing eggs that will lead to infection.  She is also on daily medication to keep fluid from accumulating in her abdomen.

Red is very independent and likes to hang out in the yard by herself. She usually wanders farther than any of the others to search for goodies in the grass on her own.

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Animal control picked Forrest up after someone had dumped him in the woods to fend for himself simply because he is a boy.  He was covered with feather lice and severely underweight, but somehow managed to maintain his sweet disposition through it all. 

Forrest loves to be the center of attention in his flock of hens and is always watching out for predators.

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Sara was given to us by a woman who was not able to care for her because she hatched with a severe deformity called a twisted thoracic girdle.  This deformity caused her left wing to hang because there was nothing attaching it to her body.  With the help of our generous supporters we raised enough money to cover the cost of surgery and Sara had her wing amputated on April 25, 2017 .  She made a full recovery and is doing so much better without her wing.  She can run and play without tripping and dust bathe without it getting caught under her.  She is a precious little girl and certainly doesn't know that she is any different than the others.

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Dakota was surrendered to our rescue after suffering from frostbite which caused her to lose both of her feet.  Because she needs special care and attention her previous owner did not want her.  Dakota uses her wings and her little leg stubs to get wherever she needs to go.  Although she has no feet that doesn't slow her down!  We continuously monitor Dakota's stubs to make sure she does not develop sores or infection.

Dakota enjoys sun bathing on warm days and loves watermelon and apples.

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Sponsored chicken

Austin was living on the streets until animal control picked him up.  He was brought to Austin Animal Center then they called us to ask if we could take him in.  Austin was covered in lice and his beak had been broken off at some point.

You can usually find Austin dust bathing in the mulch or looking in the yard for yummy treats to share with us.

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​​We received a call from a fellow animal rescuer saying that there was a chicken that had taken up residency in an old garage in Houston, TX. When I arrived it was obvious that this small black rooster had never been handled and catching him wasn't easy.   ​

Once he settled in at home we began handling him so that he could learn that we meant no harm.  He is much friendlier now and we have started transitioning him into the flock. 

Sidney is curious and independent and likes to roost on the highest spot he can find.

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