Aubry the special little house hen

Austin was living on the streets after escaping from a transport truck on it's way to the slaughterhouse. Local animal control picked him up and we were called to take him in. Austin was underweight, covered with lice, and his beak had been cut off shortly after he hatched.

You can usually find Austin dust bathing in the mulch or looking after his favorite lady friend, Heidi.

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Bobbie the abused, neglected game hen

Sara was given to us by a woman who was not able to care for her because she hatched with a severe deformity called a twisted thoracic girdle.  This deformity caused her left wing to hang because there was nothing attaching it to her body.  With the help of our generous supporters we raised enough money to cover the cost of surgery and Sara had her wing amputated on April 25, 2017 .  She made a full recovery and is doing so much better without her wing.  She can run and play without tripping and dust bathe without it getting caught under her.  She is a precious little girl and certainly doesn't know that she is any different than the others.

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Sweet Bobbie escaped from a horrific life as a cockfighting breeder hen where she had been scalped, likely a result of being over bred. Bobbie ran from the property as soon as she had an opportunity and found a place to hide. A wonderful family noticed Bobbie and started giving her food and water and was checking on her daily. They heard about The Chicken Rescue and knew that Bobbie could get the care and rehabilitation she needed here with us. Because of Bobbie's injuries she needs to live in a special flock, one without roosters or aggressive hens. Bobbie likes to keep to herself and enjoys eating grapes and watermelon.

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Aubry is a special little house hen. She came to us because she was very sick and her family was not able to provide the proper care and environment that Aubry needed. She had a severe upper respiratory infection, feather lice and internal parasites.  She trembles and wobbles when she walks and is undersized because she wasn't eating when she was sick. Because of those things she isn't able to be integrated into an existing flock so little Aubry spends her days hanging out inside. She is a sassy little girl who loves to run through the house flapping her wings.  Her favorite treats are bananas and peanut butter!

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Mia the slaughterhouse rescue hen

Mia is a very lucky girl. She was stuck in a crate with dozens of other hens like her on their way from an egg factory to the slaughterhouse.  She is over 18 months old and considered not profitable by the industry. When the truck was being unloaded Mia managed to escape and ran to nearby vigil attendees. They grabbed her and brought her straight to The Chicken Rescue. 

Mia was severely underweight, covered in lice, had internal parasites and a bacterial infection. Not to mention her tipped beak, pecked out feathers and sever mental and physical trauma. She was taken to an avian specialist and was put on antibiotic.

Mia made a full recovery and is adjusting to life as a sanctuary chicken. She is curious, funny, loves food and enjoys hanging out with her best friend Jennifer.

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Elby was a young chick when he was attacked by a dog and left to die. Neighbors discovered this tiny baby and reached out for help. Elby had lost use of both legs as a result of the attack and lost a significant amount weight before they found us. We brought Elby home and immediately started tube feeding him because he was too weak to eat on his own. He slowly regained is strength and weight then we were able to start working with his legs. After a couple weeks Elby was able to stand and take a few steps at a time. Today he has full use of both legs! He is a bit wobbly when he walks and sometimes stumbles but that's okay, we don't mind!

​Elby spends most of his time indoors. We aren't able to integrate him into a standard flock because he isn't able to run away or protect himself like others roosters can. One day we hope to have him in a small flock of his own but until then he will continue to spend his days in a grassy, fenced area and his nights inside sleeping soundly.  Elby loves grapes, dry dog food and hard boiled eggs.

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Sponsored chicken

Austin the slaughterhouse rescue rooster

Randall the sick and frightened stray rooster

We were contacted about a stray rooster who had been living in the bushes of a vacant home without proper food or shelter and knew he needed our help. Randall made us wait around for a couple hours before he decided to come out of his hiding place. Despite his best efforts we were able to catch this frightened little rooster. He was suffering from a nasal infection so bad that I could smell it as soon as I picked him up. He was also covered with lice and had an extreme infestation of round worms. Not only that but all of Randall's wing feathers has been cut completely off both wings. He was thin, pale, sick and scared but we started treatment right away and he made a full recovery. The photos on the left show what Randall looked like when he first came to us. The  photo on the right is what our handsome boy looks like today!

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Elby the young chick attacked by a dog